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Less traveled by international visitors than Shanghai and Beijing, Nanjing promises to reveal a trove of unexpected delights. Here are a few helpful tips for your first trip to Nanjing.

Nanjing Traveler Tips

What currency is accepted in Nanjing?

Chinese Yuan (CNY for short, though you might also see it abbreviated as RMB). Major U.S. credit cards are accepted at hotels, large stores and some restaurants. It is recommended you carry cash for local shops.

How big is Nanjing?

Approximately 8.2 million people live in Nanjing, and the city encompasses 2,548 square miles.

Is there a visa requirement?

Yes. A valid passport and a Chinese visa are required for travelers visiting from the U.S. and Canada. For detailed information on obtaining the proper documentation, refer to the “Travel Requirements” section of this website.

What is the official language of Nanjing?

Spoken: Nanjing dialect or Nanjing Mandarin

Written: Mandarin Chinese

What is the local time zone?

China Standard Time (UTC+8:00)

Nanjing is + 12 Hours from New York; +13 Hours from Chicago; +15 Hours from Los Angeles